Exhibition at Andelli Art Wells from November 2 -26


 "I think that above everything else a painting should be an ornament", Maurice Denis.

 "We are pattern seekers", Kepler.

My paintings explore colour and geometric pattern. Patterns whether geometric or natural lead the eye in a complex rhythm of entanglement and endlessness. The paintings I am making are seeking these sensations and ideas and they are strongly underpinned and expressed through colour and the fomal issues of painting. I want colour to evoke the playfulness, sumptuousness and beauty of the natural world.

I am interested in a decorative field in contemporary Western art, and  the work of those artists who appropriate non-western elements. Philip Taaffe, Beatriz Milhazes and Christine Streuli are important examples, their work ranges across geometry, traditional ornament and pattern, brought to life in a contemporary context.

I build a framework for each painting which is derived from my fascination and research into Islamic pattern, Moorish architecture, Euclidian geometry and mosaic. 

The artist, Jane Harris describes her work as reconciling two apparently opposing conditions, the beauty of geometry and the beauty of nature. I feel in a similar way that it is possible to make an abstract metaphor for this experience.

Many studies in watercolour and gouache precede the oil paintings. These often become works in their own right.

Susanna Lisle 2015